Andrina Bollinger — Morning Gleam

Creamy, silky early-morning sun. Soft focus. A series of extreme close ups seared into 8mm film flickering. The moment is long, as in, it purrs just a stop short of infinity. It’s hard to tell where it all began and if it will ever end. What is real now is the space between them – the air they sip through thirsty lips locking. The kettle's boiling over next door.

Morning Gleam” is the first single from Andrina Bollinger’s forthcoming EP titled “Pleasure & Pain”, a collection of songs mapping the nuanced mosaic of life’s contrasts. The song was recorded in a single take, with Andrina playing the guitar and singing, direct to 2-inch tape. Later, she added the drums, her bass player, Jules Martinet, the flugelhorn. They decided to keep the mix raw, as close to the original recording as possible, because the point was to transport the listener back in time. Back to that space. A close up of baby hair rising on the nape of a neck. This song is definitely a vibe!

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
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