Barbicop — Feeling Better ;3

Barbicop’s new single Feeling Better ;3 recounts the organic birth of Barbicop, her transformation from digital to human. “Look at me now, went from 8-bit to organic”. This fast pace break-beat creamy pop song is the second single from her upcoming EP “Barbicopium” scheduled for release September 13th 2024 via Mouthwatering Records.


Emerging from scenes between Berlin and Switzerland in late 2022, Barbicop’s first year of releasing and touring left crowds with an intriguing blend of unconventional pop—a fusion of smooth and edgy, mainstream yet quirky, worldly yet ethereal. Her infectious energy, coupled with a close-knit bond with her brother, who accompanies her on the drums, leaves audiences both joyfully moved and pleasantly perplexed.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
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