Ja Ja Dickicht — Lights Out


Bern-based Ja Ja Dickicht announce the release of their debut EP "Wrong Maps“

First it lures your senses and draws you into a scenery of a mild summer evening at the coast of a Mediterranean island. Your naked feet in the sand, walking closely beside someone who makes your hidden thoughts spin like a broken compass needle. Then it makes you wonder: Is this just another Love Song? No, it isn`t.


„Lights Out“, the first single, is in many ways very much „Pop“, beyond dispute. There's no bric-a-brac, for at the same time the growing musical maelstrom mirrors the complexity of communication between two humans on the threshold to a deepening relationship.


„I absolutely wanted to keep the song honest,“ says Pascal Schärli, the composer and multi-instrumentalist behind Ja Ja Dickicht. „I searched my own memory for such situations, that i remember more in the form of intense ambiguous emotions rather than actual chains of events. I then translated them into this fictional yet open story. The isolated scenery of a summery island is used kind of metaphorically, i guess.“


"Lights Out" is held in classic song structures, yet carefully built up and experimentally layered. Rhythmically driven drum- and bass patterns fall into place organically with floating structures of beautiful guitar- and synth harmonies, subtly layered noises and acoustic instrumentals.


„Wrong Maps“ will further show Ja Ja Dickicht`s potential to write music, that is consciously laid out to be listened to from very different perspectives. The song is always put first, while deliberately defying many rules of Pop music along the way.


The complete 5-track- EP will be released on 1 November 2019. Ja Ja Dickicht will be touring in fall 2019.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records (World)
Kick The Flame, (Germany / Austria)
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,