Lapcat — Remember

Lapcat is back with the first single from their forthcoming album Till We Meet Again (2021). “Remember” is an intimate ballad mixed with pulsating rhythms and arpeggiated synthesizers nostalgic for an era where we danced through the night. The Bass drives, as Caribbean rhythms play with acoustic piano tapestry. The song paints a picture of time passing, and the seasons of relationships. Singer Cate Leuenberger’s alluring vocals make one feel as if she is singing just for you—a whisper in your ear speaks of the the act of remembering and the light we all carry in our eyes. Lapcat has stepped into their maturity as musicians and song writers, expanding into richer emotional territory without trading in their always luxurious beats and dance rhythms. And while this Swiss-American collaboration might be divided by the Atlantic ocean, the band member’s friendships maintains strong and creative, making their music as great as it ever was, if not better.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
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Sinnbus, (Deutschland)