Len Sander — Woman On The Run

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It's almost time! After eight months in the studio and nearly three years after their debut - 'Phantom Garden', Len Sander are about to release their long-awaited second album. To keep you going until 'The Future Of Lovers' sees the light of day (26.01.2018), we have a little teaser to share with you in the form of 'Woman On The Run'. The new single is a real dancefloor tune - with a deep bassline, a hands-in-the-air guarantee and an infectious chorus that you can't help but sing along with - whether you mean to or not.

Label:Mouthwatering Records (World)
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records (World)
Distribution:Godbrain (Switzerland)
Broken Silence (World)
Promotion:Sinnbus, (Germany)
initalslp, (Online World)
playlist editors, (Switzerland)
Rola Music, (Austria)
Booking:Sector3 Live Handpicked, (Germany)
Rolamusic, (Austria)
Vertigo, (Italy)
Just Because, (Switzerland)