Talen — Comic Book

About a year ago four Swiss brothers smashed it with a couple of EP's featuring heavyweights Sizzla, Cutty Ranks and underground legends Oddatee and Sensational. BBC1's host Mary Anne (we're missing you!) Hobbs took notice and dropped the debut on her show - positioning Talen amidst the cream of the Bass scene. Instead of basking in the limelight and peacefully riding out the wave, the duo holed up in the studio for another year to create an even thicker package -
Comic Book is the end result! The EP features the vocal talent of Lady Saw,Turbulence and Ward 21. Remix duty is handled by the Bass mafia international: Stereotyp, Kalbata, Robot Koch, Reverse Engineering, Son Of Kick, Filewile, I-Wolf and King Aron.
The package covers the chew-your-bass-cabinets-off type of Future Dancehall, explores detail filled Post Step and of course touches on some sounds that are just impossible to categorize!
The vinyl includes all 3 Talen originals and remixes by Robot Koch, Son Of Kick and Kalbata. The rest of the package is available only as download (included with Vinyl 12”)

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records