To Athena — Goldigs Lächle

To Athena, Esmeralda Galda

"Goldigs Lächle" is the first pre-released song of the collaboration EP "Wältuntergang" (VÖ 24.02.23) by Esmeralda Galda and To Athena. This song thematizes the widespread drug use of our performance-oriented society, and what is left behind.

To Athena: "In my WG time in Zurich I often had the function to look for happiness again with my friends, after they had "consumed" everything the night before. At some point this annoyed me. Always having to be there when there was nothing left of the fun and the emptiness had to be filled again. That moved me to write "Goldigs Lächle". For a long time the song remained incomplete. Now, through the collaboration with Esmeralda Galda, it has finally come to life."

"Goldigs Lächle" is a small reminder that happiness can be a finite resource when overused.

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