Arthur Hnatek — SWIMS

If you’ve ever wondered what a proficient jazz drummer would do within the parameters of contemporary electronica, the new “SWIMSEP might be what you’ve been waiting for. The titled track invites us into a deep, dark and emotional trance melody. The club-friendly “Euclid Heat” suggests a space between your introspective dance floor memories. “SH101 Breeze” is a jagged, bright, stuttering and complex up-tempo jam. The EP closes with the guest appearance of Andrina Bollinger for a beautiful odd to the spiraling nature of our world. As a reminder to the process of composition, the Vinyl EP and Bandcamp digital features exclusive, short, edgy and improvised interludes revealing the raw nature of live music thus balancing the clean-cut angles of the studio outputs.


The ambigram SWIMS is also the name of the solo project of Arthur Hnatek. You might know him as the drummer for Erik Truffaz or Tigran Hamasyan. SWIMS is the merging of drumming improvisations with functional club music. Every song was created in the studio as a template for further de/reconstructions on stage, where they get deployed as samples to be manipulated, explored and remixed live using a trigger-modified kit.

Label:Arthur Hnatek
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records (World)
Promotion:Mouthwatering Records,
Booking:Gelato Businezz, (CH)