Black Sea Dahu — How You Swallowed your Anger

How You Swallowed your Anger is the new single from Urban Folk outfit Black Sea Dahu. Picking up where the band’s critically acclaimed White Creatures LP left off, this syrupy ballad goes even deeper into the complex anatomy of a relationship, and specifically a break-up. The emphasis here is not on what the lover lost, but rather what she can’t give. And when you finally understand the context, the piece becomes absolutely crushing! The arrangement is stripped down to a pulsating acoustic guitar, a wandering upright bass, lush strings and a voice that appears so close to your ear that you feel like you alone in the world are privy to this late night confession. The song is also extremely hypnotic. It holds your attention like the flickering flame of a single candle lighting up a pitch black room and while you cling to its warm light, blinded by its spell, you know damn well that it will be extinguished soon.


How You Swallowed your Anger is the first song from the forthcoming EP entitled No Fire in the Sand, due to drop this fall (27.09.2019)

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