Dubokaj — Planiemore

Dubokaj & Lee „Scratch“ Perry

Planiemore is a steady dub techno riddim sending dub splashing ripples through musical brains. Dubokaj creates the subtle sonic environment and space for Lee “$cratch” Perry’s third eye and third ear to release some magically prophetic dub poetry:

„We are going to the sky
Cause I’m not shy
Wipe the tears
From your eye

We are going to the sky
With my spaceship
Trade my black gold
For golden boots”

This may sound sinister, but this sounds like a self-portrait epitaph/auto-eulogy which was actually painted five years ago.

“The session with Lee was this intense, fiery, and surreal experience. The field recordings, on the other hand, are very meditative and personal. When I record them, I always travel alone.  As a result, they’re infused with my memories and what I felt at the time.
Jamming with Lee Scratch Perry stayed with me for a very long time! I was so deeply affected by it that I started to hear and see the world differently. Mago, my bass player, who helped record the session, called me the day after and told me that spending time with Lee Scratch Perry felt like you had an extension added to your synapses; and that this extension added something beautiful and precious to your experience of life. It’s as if just by being around the man an update was installed, like a plugin which makes you feel more positive about everything.” – Dubokaj

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