Andrina Bollinger

Andrina Bollinger invites you into her house, her garden, her world full of thoughts and secrets. In this world,  the honest, down-to-earth presence of the Swiss Singer meets an eruptive mixture of music, poetry and performance, telling stories from her deepest inner self: personal changes, psychological research and lyrics inspired by nature and fine arts. In the center of this powerful, wild but also humorous performance lies Andrina Bollinger's uniquely earthy, velvety voice which moves gently between singing, shouting and humming. Next to her playing synth and Telecaster guitar, she’s accompanied by drummer Arthur Hnatek, bass player Jules Martinet and keyboarder Alvin Schwaar. Andrina Bollinger kept these pop treasures as her secret for a long time and finally revealed them on her debut-album «Secret Seed», released in late 2022.


In October 2023, Andrina put out a new five track EP called “Pleasure & Pain”.