Arthur Hnatek

A series of feedback loops. A modular synth triggers the drummer, and the drummer alters the parameters of the synth by reacting to it with his playing – the exchange is perpetual. The pressure from the speakers propels bodies into motion. Kinetic energy. Critical mass. Limbs cut through the chunky sound rattling the bass cabinets like percussive vectors/blades. The man sitting behind the kit picks up on what’s happening below, and locks in. As his playing adjusts, the modular responds and a new feedback loop commences.


Arthur Hnatek is an electronica producer and jazz drummer who specialises in an expansive, analog-synth-driven type of dance music. His productions are rooted in a visceral dialogue between the acoustic drums and highly-reactive modulars (often set to random). In a live situation he deconstructs, remixes, and reassembles his own work by manipulating it with the grammar and syntax of a prolific DJ. In other words: the man knows how to rock a party!


This past October, Hnatek was awarded the prestigious Swiss Music Prize for his innovative approach to cross-pollinating jazz and electronica idioms. His music has been celebrated by the likes of Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6). It scaled the Amazing Radio charts and was featured in the SRF end of the year round-ups. When not playing spaces with heavy sound systems, the man tours with Jazz giants Erik Truffaz and Tigran Hamasyan.

Booking:Gelato Businezz, (CH)