Filewile — Blueskywell

MWCD004 / MWLP001

Format: CD / 2x Vinyl 12" / Digital


With the new album, Filewile have made the transition from dubby laptop duo to a dub driven band. Along the way, Filewile integrated the raw power of their live performances into their production methods. They now thoroughly cherish the imperfections of analogue instrumentation, tape machine and the iconic Space Echo. At the same time the human voice has moved centerstage in the Filewile sound – being used and abused as a musical instrument all over the album.
Filewile have fully integrated their former guest singer Joy Frempong and session bassist Mago Flueck, to explore the possibilities of the «human element» as a positive influence to the total control previously exerted by Dustbowl (Andreas Ryser) and Dejot (Daniel Jakob) through their machines. Joy Frempong’s love of experimental lyrics and song heightens the sparkling vibe Filewile exude with every chord. In her lyrics, Joy Frempong cunningly moves between childish nonsense and the abyss of human existence. Two tracks on the album see the return of Brooklyn born rhyme artist RQM to the Filewile fold. RQM further enhances the album’s genre bending quality and the impossibility to pin the sound to any particular country.
In parts «Blueskywell» flirts with mainstream radio appeal by weaving catchy harmonies and moving beats into something resembling Pop music – only to break into Dance music, Rock fragments or experimental Jazz antics in time to stop the listener from drifting off into a cloud of comfort. «Blueskywell» is an album worthy of the term: rather than being a compilation of one band’s tracks, it is a congruent whole, – an exciting excursion into a world of Music. A world full of bass and multi facetted vocalizing, switching from Jiggy Breaks to Ambient Electronics to Rootsy Reggae and Funky Jazz while dabbling with the freakish, psychadelic and experimental‚ without succumbing to the outright weird. Filewile remain a dance act, but they disguise it well.

Label:Mouthwatering Records (World)
Cool's Music (South Korea)
Underdog (France)
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records (World)
Booking:Bi-Pole, (World)
Mouthwatering Records, (Switzerland)