Kejnu — Fake Eyebrows

"Fake Eyebrows" is Kejnu's last single before the upcoming new album. It’s not uncommon for Kejnu to build on unconsciously and intuitively chosen words, phrases and musical fragments (a means to fight against his own bigotry and stiffness!). "Fake Eyebrows", initially chosen as a quick working title, injects the song with central themes. Desire, being desired, self-expression in both dance and struggle in creative life and on social media. The storm cloud of inspiration, excitement, humour, envy and disgust swirls tons of material into the air. After 4 minutes with open eyes, input and output are clogged, the CPU overloaded and the body restlessly vibrating. What sounds like symptoms of illness is probably just normal everyday life as a hypersensitive person with a few broken filters and glare flaps. In music, calm is found, the mind is cooled, and a quiet, fine, glittering layer of dust remains and becomes melancholic songs.

Label:Mouthwatering Records
Publishing:Mouthwatering Records
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